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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Children Era

About 15-20 years ago, children used to follow the guidance of their parents blindly and did not have exposure to the information through Internet. They did not have any role in respect of purchase of their clothing, admission in school or in any other house hold items purchase; all the decisions were to be taken by their parents.

In present days, the children of 10-15 years of age posses the information and knowledge in respect of availability of latest brands of electronic items such as mobile phones, ipod, latest model of cars, fashion of clothes and other developments in the society, which is beyond the imagination of their parents. Nowadays most of the decisions in every purchase of house hold are influenced by the children. They use to apprise various functions and use of latest electronic items to their elders at home.

Children are also very conscious about their future carrier and are no longer dependent on any one in decision making .They extract information by surfing net. They set their goal at very early stage and decide their line of action and work hard to achieve the same.

They want to enjoy every bit of life. The ambition of children has become very high, they want to acquire every latest thing and present themselves to look good and smart. They want to wear clothe, footwear of latest fashion, visit beauty parlors for coloring of hairs, waxing, pedicure and manicure to look more attractive/smart. In this process of show business they either forget or ignore the financial position of their parents and sometimes put undue pressure on them. In case of weak financial position of their parents, these actions either disturb the mental peace of the family as a whole or put the children in stress. Sometimes children adopt unfair means or adopt wrong path and all the good things are diverted into dirty race of show business and becomes nightmare. Sometimes, parents either to fulfill their desire or to get name and fame through their children put them under pressure.

Development/invention of modern technology and availability of information can be used for the betterment of human life and misutilization can be harmful for anyone, hence everyone should act judiciously for the better utilization of information and modern technology. In case of need, help of counsellor/ psychologist may also be taken to release the undue stress.

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