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Monday, June 2, 2008


Young generations are very conscious about their carrier and are no longer dependent on anyone in decision-making. They are very much ambitious and more focused towards their goal. They extract information by surfing net or whatsoever other means available. They put their hard work for the sake of carrier growth and make every effort to achieve their goal/target. They change their job frequently. Since most of the companies adopt the policy of hire and fire as per their requirements as such young generations have also every right to change their job as and when they get the chance for better opportunities for carrier growth, job profile and pay packages.

Manger (HR) in most of the companies thinks that inequity in compensation is the basic reason of attrition. Compensation is one of the reasons but is not the sole criteria to leave or change the job. Some of the reasons of attrition are better carrier prospects, learning curve and challenges; label of satisfaction, organization culture or experience in the company does not add values to their professional life or has become monotonous. Sometimes non-appreciation of work or giving the credit of efficiency to other persons / co-employees or taken by the boss are also the reasons of attrition.

To cope up with this problem of attrition some of the industries have started flexible time schedule compensation at par with other industries, job profile as per compatibility and interest of the employees, training programmed for future growth in other fields and site seeing or outdoor tours to release the pressure/stress of work. Companies/industries will have to find the reasons and take the concrete steps to check / curb the attrition.

Monday, May 12, 2008

First Impression

Impression given by anyone at the start of carrier or anything is very important. First impression of a person is created through his/her personality, way of talking, body language, gestures, communication skill and presentation. People used to say that first impression is the last impression and is like wrinkles in wool. Wrinkles developed in the wool can never be removed whether stretch it, wash it or iron it. If by consistent efforts of a person his or her first impression is faded from the people’s mind it will resurface as and when any similar situation will arise or such incident will happen in the future. Always remember that one will never get a Second Chance to create a first impression

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Career counselling

In the present fast moving world and growing economies, it is very essential for the children/students at the school level to compare, evaluate and select the right course and institute to plan their future. Thousands of courses, colleges and career options are available across the globe but one has to know the fee structures, expenses involved, facilities in campus, application procedure and documents required for the admission. In India due to availability of limited seats in professional courses, competition is very tough and students compromise with their career and take admission in non-professional courses due to lack of information on various career options available to them. At this juncture professional counseling platform is required to determine what courses, opportunities and institutes are available to them.
A global education information provider headquartered at California USA, has introduced an education information portal to help students to take informed career decisions. This portal provides information for tans of thousands of courses in thousands colleges affiliated with various universities all over globe. Student can email, chat or call counsellors at this portal to gather information for various courses like engineering, medicine, management and finance. Students can also take online practice tests for various entrance exams like SAT, PMT, GRE, AIEEE, GMAT, IIT-JEE, TOEFL and AIEEE. Huge database of thousands of course, colleges and carrier options across the globe is available on this portal.

In the present scenario financial planning is amongst the most sought after career choices for students who want to enter the banking and financial services industry due to demand from banks,wealth managers, ad visors, mutual fund and insurances companies. A degree in financial planning and Post graduate diploma in financial planning(PGDFP) and the securities analysis in trading(PGDSAT) are highly sought after by Indian and foreign banks,insurance companies and mutual fund firms. Some specific certifications like the Certified financial planner CM(CFP CM) are recognised across 20 countries.
For the students who can not join regular courses due to any reason,admissions to the various courses are offered by Distance Bharathiar University,Coimbatore India. The course is recognised by the Distance Education Council, New Delhi.This University offer courses for U.G., P.G., Diploma course and P.G. Diploma in various subjects such as Arts, Science, Commerce, Management,Computer Sciences etc. Admissions are either done directly with the school of Distance Education or through 150 Study centres Located all over India. Detail information is available at website orcan be obtained by
For corporate executives London Metropolitan University (LMU) brings and opportunity to get an actual global perception of their field of activity- be it architecture, finance or banking through its “dual degree” or short term training programmes in corporate affairs. LMU has also arranged with some Indian institutes to initiate partnership curses.These courses will impart practice-based training to management and corporate professionals. LMU also provide undergraduate, postgraduate, professional and vocational education in Britain.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Children Era

About 15-20 years ago, children used to follow the guidance of their parents blindly and did not have exposure to the information through Internet. They did not have any role in respect of purchase of their clothing, admission in school or in any other house hold items purchase; all the decisions were to be taken by their parents.

In present days, the children of 10-15 years of age posses the information and knowledge in respect of availability of latest brands of electronic items such as mobile phones, ipod, latest model of cars, fashion of clothes and other developments in the society, which is beyond the imagination of their parents. Nowadays most of the decisions in every purchase of house hold are influenced by the children. They use to apprise various functions and use of latest electronic items to their elders at home.

Children are also very conscious about their future carrier and are no longer dependent on any one in decision making .They extract information by surfing net. They set their goal at very early stage and decide their line of action and work hard to achieve the same.

They want to enjoy every bit of life. The ambition of children has become very high, they want to acquire every latest thing and present themselves to look good and smart. They want to wear clothe, footwear of latest fashion, visit beauty parlors for coloring of hairs, waxing, pedicure and manicure to look more attractive/smart. In this process of show business they either forget or ignore the financial position of their parents and sometimes put undue pressure on them. In case of weak financial position of their parents, these actions either disturb the mental peace of the family as a whole or put the children in stress. Sometimes children adopt unfair means or adopt wrong path and all the good things are diverted into dirty race of show business and becomes nightmare. Sometimes, parents either to fulfill their desire or to get name and fame through their children put them under pressure.

Development/invention of modern technology and availability of information can be used for the betterment of human life and misutilization can be harmful for anyone, hence everyone should act judiciously for the better utilization of information and modern technology. In case of need, help of counsellor/ psychologist may also be taken to release the undue stress.